Find the Perfect Caterer

Hiring a caterer is like hiring a contractor to come in and remodel your bathroom.

Well, not exactly but it’s similar in the fact that the caterer is working for you just like the contractor! It’s your money and your bathroom, or party.

So don’t feel pressured into picking the first caterer you see. It’s always smart to do research before making a purchase.

Especially an important one like who to cater your wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday party or even Super Bowl party!

No matter what the occasion we understand it is a special occasion or you wouldn’t be hosting a celebration for it.

So just like you would make a list of questions to ask a contractor before he tears you toilet out there are also questions you can ask your caterer to make sure they are the best fit for the job!

These questions consist of but are not limited to:

• How long have they had their catering business?

• Can you speak with references or look at their testimonials?

• What kind of safety certifications, qualifications and health guidelines do they have?

• Are the menus fixed or flexible?

• What dietary options do they provide, gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian, etc?

• Can you sample the food before you have it at your event?

• What kind of time frame will be needed before the meal is served?

• Any hidden fees, clearing fees?

• What kind of contract will it be, if any?

• What is the deposit like, are there payment terms, specific conditions?

After you ask all of these questions and other questions you might have and get the desired answers then you know the caterer is a good fit for your celebration.

Contact Fuddruckers today to ask your list of important questions to see if our catering services match up with your catering needs!