Great Tips on Ways to Save Money For Your Summer BBQ

Just like millions of Americans you are extremely excited for the hot summer months and the endless BBQ’s. However, I’m sure it has come across your mind, how am I going to partake in all these BBQ and not go broke. Here are some tips for saving money on BBQ’s, whether you’re hosting or attending:

Don’t blow your budget on meat – skip the porterhouse and go for a tasty, inexpensive flank or skirt steak, forgoing boneless chicken breasts for cheaper, appetizing thighs and legs and don’t try to go with the priciest catch of the day instead go with a more dark, grill-friendly seafood like blue fish or mackerel.

Dress up your meats – you can add some inexpensive elements to give your meat to give it that extra flavor. You can do this by stuffing your burgers with some blue cheese, barbecue sauce, and chopped bacon. Split your bacon down the middle and stuff with cheddar then wrap in bacon or let your chicken marinate overnight in your favorite marinade.

Make extras, but not too many – when you are portioning out your servings, make sure you have some leftovers. By putting the propane to work one time versus multiple times your actually decreasing you’re per meal fuel cost. The best part of barbequed leftovers is they are still delicious the next time you heat them up. You can also reinvent them into something even more delicious. For example if you have leftover pork just through it in the crockpot add some barbeque sauce and you got delicious pulled pork.

To save even more money consider having your next BBQ catered. Contact your Dallas Fort Worth catering masters at DFW Fuddruckers today to get a quote.