How to Enjoy a BBQ On A Budget

Everyone these days are trying to find ways to still enjoy their everyday life while staying on budget, this summer is no exception. Summer is one of the greatest and most exciting seasons as there are so many things you can do i.e. boating, gardening, outdoor sports and last but not least barbequing. Here are some ways you can stay on budget while still hosting a great barbeque:

  • DIY sauces and rubs– don’t’ buy your rubs at the store when you can make them right in the comfort of your home. Rubs are basically spices that you mix together and most sauces start with a basic foundation of either tomato sauce or ketchup and build from there. A lot of times you can make all of this from stuff you already have.
  • Don’t go overboard with fuel – a lot of people waste fuel when they are barbequing and don’t know how much charcoal to use so they end up pouring in too much. Just three pounds would be enough to cook a meal no need to pour a 10-pound bag in. If you are using propane you only need to put it on high for the first five minutes of cooking, after that turn it on low and let it slowly cook. Make sure that once your done cooking you turn off the propane.

For the most budget friendly and fun, stress-free BBQ contact your Dallas Fort Worth Fuddruckers today for a great quote.