Party for Valentine's Day

Febuary 14th, the dreaded day for most single in America. Just one more way for all of your married friends to rub it in your face that they have found happieness and you have not.

What they might not understand is that you are happy! Single, happy and proud of it.

But Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year so you'll probably want to make plans and have something fun to do regaurdless of your relationship status.

That is why you should host a party for all of your other single and proud friends and collegues. No one should be shamed on a day that is all about love.

So invite the people you love and don't worry about relationships or the future for an evening.

Just because you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't mean you can pig out on candy, buy flowers and decorate with cupids and hearts.

So go all out this year!

Aside from lots (and I mean lots) of candy at this party you should also have games for your guests to play!

A way to combine candy and a game (who doesn't love that) is purchase a heart shapped or cupid shapped pinata and fill it with candy! Then hand your single friends a bat and a blind fold. I'm sure they'll all love to take a smack at cupid!

You can also play card games, board games, and charades or play pin the heart on cupid’s arrow.

This evening will be filled with fun and laughter so who cares if you don't have a significant other to share it with. That never bothered you before so don't let Valentine's Day change that.

Now that you have games and treats covered you will definitely want to feed your guests!

You are busy so the thought of spending hours in the kitchen and hours making a grocery list and buying what is on the list probably makes you as sick as your maried friends do.

So you should just hire a caterer.

That is right up our alley!

Fuddruckers offers a wide variety of meats such as:

  • The famous Fudds Prime Burger
  • Kobe Beef Burger
  • Chicken Breast Sandwich
  • Hot Dogs
  • Rib-Eye Steak
  • BBQ Ribs
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Salmon
  • And much more!

We offer sides as well as deserts to go with our variet of meats and meal platters!

If you are single and proud and are ready to have a Valentine's Day filled with fun then contact us today for a quote on catering!