Time to Plan a Spring Party

Spring is on its way! So time to start planning a fun celebration for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

Spring flings are a great way to bring in the spring and to celebrate the warm weather, blooming flowers and beautiful colors. Don’t stress out too much! These parties are quite simple to plan. If you host the party outdoors then you don’t have to worry about decorations. Maybe just use a few streamers and balloons.

The most important part of your party is the food and the games! Here is a list of fun activities that are fun for the whole family of all ages:

Races! Who doesn’t love a good race? You can do a potato sack race, a two legged race, or a relay race. You can hand out prizes to the winners such as iTunes gift cards, a deck of cards, or a frisbee.

Scavenger hunts! This is a great way to get the kids up and moving. You can split into teams and have prizes for the winning teams such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and kites for the kids and candy or cards for the older participants.

Pass the orange! This game is simple and all you need is an orange and a cool prize for the winner. You have two teams stand in a straight line and each person has to pass the orange from one end of the line without using their hands!

Badminton or volleyball! All you need is a net, volleyball, rackets and a badminton birdie.

Croquet or horseshoes! All you need is the croquet set and a horseshoes set!

Now for the food! Everyone loves food so you have to make sure the food is great! You can hire a caterer such as Fuddruckers to provide your guests with delicious food such as burgers and hot dogs!

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