What Do I Bring To a Tailgate?

We know that you can barely stand the excitement that comes with football season and now that it is just around the corner you know what that means; tailgating! Tailgating is one of the true essentials of football season. What’s more fun than getting together with your classmates, brothers, sisters, alumni, old & new friends on game day to enjoy some delicious food and drinks. For the best tailgating party, there are a few key things to remember. In addition to food, here are some things that every tailgate party needs:

  • Chairs – It always seems that there are never enough chairs for people to sit. Either more people show up than expected or you have a friendly tailgate neighbor who wants to hang out. So when you are headed to the event make sure to grab your own chair, and if you are the host grab a few extra just in case.
  • Tent – Even though football season is at the start of the autumn season you’re still going to have some warm days. So bring a canopy tent; they are easy to put up and take down, and are big enough to protect a large group from the sun. No one wants to go to a tailgate where they are sweating the whole time.
  • Trash bags – This is an essential that gets overlooked a lot because you think there will be plenty of public trashcans. If it is a big game, those trashcans will fill up quickly. Grab a few extra as more is always better than not enough.
  • Food – Last but certainly not least, food! To get the most out of your tailgating event consider having your party catered. It gives you the chance to mingle and enjoy the game without having to constantly look over your shoulder. You don’t want to have to worry if there is plenty of food, or having to check the grill every 3 minutes to see how the burgers are coming along. A caterer will already have all the meat and sides you want.

So contact Fuddruckers Dallas/Fort Worth today to see how they can make your next tailgate event a hit.