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Cooking vs. Catering a Tailgating Event

With summer winding down, college football season is just days away and another year of eventful tailgating is about to commence. Whether your tailgating party includes anyone you can grab or just a small gathering of close friends, the key to any successful tailgate begins with great food. Here are some cooking tips that will definitely provide you and your friends with a great time:

Dallas Fort Worth Fuddruckers Is Your Go To Caterer

Whether you want to treat friends to an outdoor BBQ, have your kid’s teammates over for festivities, get together or for a birthday party Dallas Fort Worth Fuddruckers is your go to caterer. They work with any budget, party size and needs. Whether you want a drop off, full-service buffet, self serve, set-up buffet lines or a plated table event they will leave you with a full and satisfied stomach. With locations throughout Texas there are plenty of options for you and your event. We have a variety of appetizing food on our menu, here are just a few:

Great Tips on Ways to Save Money For Your Summer BBQ

Just like millions of Americans you are extremely excited for the hot summer months and the endless BBQ’s. However, I’m sure it has come across your mind, how am I going to partake in all these BBQ and not go broke. Here are some tips for saving money on BBQ’s, whether you’re hosting or attending:

How to Enjoy a BBQ On A Budget

Everyone these days are trying to find ways to still enjoy their everyday life while staying on budget, this summer is no exception. Summer is one of the greatest and most exciting seasons as there are so many things you can do i.e. boating, gardening, outdoor sports and last but not least barbequing. Here are some ways you can stay on budget while still hosting a great barbeque:

Things to Ask Before You Hire a Caterer

Choosing the right caterer is a very significant decision to make when you are hosting or planning an event. If you do not have the right caterer the event can be substandard. Sometimes going with the cheapest option is not always the best option. It is important to be aware of your budget, but also take into consideration everything that you will get for the quote. So choose wisely. Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect caterer:

Spring Is Coming!

With Spring around the corner, it is time to start looking forward to BBQ's and Picnics! These events are perfect for getting together with friends and family. The weather is about to warm up warming up and it's time to start planning, with DFW Fuddruckers!

You can choose from one of our catering packages, or create your own menu! Just start with one of our popular main courses:

Catering Event 1/9/2013

DFW Fuddruckers provided a catered lunch for 55 people at the Dallas-based FireHost in Richardson today. Included on the menu was our World's Greatest Hamburgers, turkey burgers, chips, and some tea to wash it all down. To top it all off, we served some cobbler for dessert!

Have an event coming up in your office? Give DFW Fuddruckers a call today at 972.416.4644 x23 or contact us here!


It's the most wonderful time of the year for football fans! The National Football League Playoffs are just starting, and there are still College Football Bowl games to be played.

Now, what makes football even better? Delicious food from DFW Fuddruckers! Whether you come in to one of our nine Dallas-Fort Worth locations, or order drop off catering for your viewing party with friends and family, we guarantee your viewing experience will be enhanced with one of our World's Greatest Hamburgers in your hand!

Fresh Is Best!

The customers that come into our Dallas/Fort Worth area restaurant locations love our fresh produce bar! It is no surprise then, that we provide all of our fresh produce toppings to go along with our burgers at all of the events that we cater.

How does succulent tomatoes, crisp lettuce and onions, hot jalapenos, and homemade pic de gall sound? Delicious, right?

Throw in our fresh, never frozen 100% USDA All-American Fudds Prime burger and your guests have the the World's Greatest Hamburger right in their fingertips.

Busy Week for DFW Fuddruckers

Another week of great catering events are on tap for DFW Fuddruckers!

We'll be catering two events Thursday. First, we'll be drop-off catering for Mustang Electric in Lewisville, Texas. Second, we'll be serving ADT Security in Irving, Texas. On the menu for both events is our popular 1/2 pound Fuddruckers Burgers, our Fuddruckers Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, BBQ baked beans, french fries, and of course our fresh produce stacks!


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