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Find a Reason to Party

If you haven’t already heard then here it is: Fuddruckers offers catering services! I’m sure you are thinking, “That is awesome! I really wish I had an excuse to throw a party so I could hire Fuddruckers to cater it!”

Well, there are many reason to have a party! Just choose one!

• Host a house warming party! There is nothing better than friends and family gathered around eating Fuddruckers.

• Host a graduation party! Honor a friend by celebrating their success!

• Host an 80’s party! If you grew up in the 80’s or even if you didn’t, 80’s parties are fun!

Time to Plan a Spring Party

Spring is on its way! So time to start planning a fun celebration for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

Spring flings are a great way to bring in the spring and to celebrate the warm weather, blooming flowers and beautiful colors. Don’t stress out too much! These parties are quite simple to plan. If you host the party outdoors then you don’t have to worry about decorations. Maybe just use a few streamers and balloons.

The most important part of your party is the food and the games! Here is a list of fun activities that are fun for the whole family of all ages:

Party for Valentine's Day

Febuary 14th, the dreaded day for most single in America. Just one more way for all of your married friends to rub it in your face that they have found happieness and you have not.

What they might not understand is that you are happy! Single, happy and proud of it.

But Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year so you'll probably want to make plans and have something fun to do regaurdless of your relationship status.

Find the Perfect Caterer

Hiring a caterer is like hiring a contractor to come in and remodel your bathroom.

Well, not exactly but it’s similar in the fact that the caterer is working for you just like the contractor! It’s your money and your bathroom, or party.

So don’t feel pressured into picking the first caterer you see. It’s always smart to do research before making a purchase.

Especially an important one like who to cater your wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday party or even Super Bowl party!

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